Board of Trustees

Anti-Doping Laboratory Qatar has an independent Board of Trustees that aims at giving support and guidance to ADLQ as needed.

The Board shall have the power and authority necessary to manage the affairs of the laboratory, in order to achieve its objectives, and in particular:

1. Setting general policy of the laboratory, and overseeing its implementation.
2. Adopting plans, programs and projects of the lab, and follow up their implementation.
3. Issue the organizational structure of the laboratory.
4. Adopting the annual budget for the laboratory and the final account.
5. Consideration of periodic reports and follow-up reports on the conduct of the work in the laboratory.
6. Determine fees for services performed by the laboratory to others.
7. Approval of contracts and agreements projects that have laboratory party.

The Board consists of seven distinguished members, where we have three members from Qatar, from different fields. In addition to two Doping expertise from Spain and Japan. The chairman of the Board is H.E. Dr. Mohammed Ghanim Al Ali AL Maadheed.

This is to guarantee independent administrative, financial, and technical supervisions in addition to development of the lab strategy.

Dr Mohammed Ghanim Al Maadheed_Chairman 1- H.E. Dr. Mohamed Ghanim Al Maadheed

Chairman of ADLQ BOT

2- Dr. Hamad Abdelrahman Al Ibrahim

Vice - Chairman of ADLQ Board of Trustees

3- Dr. Makoto Ueki

Director, Anti-Doping Research Laboratory

Japan Chemical Analysis Center

4- Dr. Jordi Segura

Director, WADA Accredited Antidoping Laboratory

IMIM-Hospital del Mar

5- Dr. Mariam Ali Al Maadheed

Board of Trustees Member

6- Dr. Talal Sabah Al Abdulla

Board of Trustees Member