ADLQ IREC (Internal Research and Education Committee)

On the very onset of the formation of the Education & Research Office, one of the first attempts was the establishment of a governing body- Internal Research and Education Committee (IREC) to assure the quality of research activities directed at improving the fight against doping and enhancing clinical and therapeutic areas associated with effects on the health of people. Any application submitted to the E & RO shall be channeled for approval only through the IREC.

The committee comprises of the General Manager as the Chair and 4 members appointed by the General Manager.


IREC Members

Dr. Muhammed Al Sayrafi, General Manager, ADLQ
Dr. Costas Georgokopoulos, Director, Doping Analysis Lab, ADLQ
Prof. Aishah Latiff, Director, Toxicology & Multipurpose Lab, ADLQ
Dr. Vidya Mohamed Ali, Life Sciences Research Lab, ADLQ
Miss Noor Al Motawa, Director, Education & Research Office