IRB Committee

ADLQ IRB Committee comprises of 7 members from various fields. The members are:

Dr. Sittana ElShafi, Consultant Microbiologist and Infection Control, Aspetar
Dr. Hesham Nasr, Legal Advisor, Anti-Doping Lab Qatar
Dr. Jordi Segura Noguera, Director of Barcelona, IOC/WADA accredited Anti-Doping Lab
Dr. Hakim Chalabi, Asst. Chief Medical Officer & Exe.Dir of NSM, Aspetar
Dr. Aisha Ibrahim Al Ansari, Director, Pharmacy & Drug Ctrl Dept, SCH
Dr. Abdulhakeem Yousuf Alkhelaifi, Dean of College of Sharia & Islamic Stuides, QU
Dr. Abdulaziz A. Al-Hashemi, Sr.Consultant- Pulmonary & Sleep Medicine, Assist. Prof of Medicine at Weil Corneil Medical College Qatar, Director of Sleep Laboratory at HMC.