Life Sciences Research Division ( under Construction )


1. Vascular studies:

Wire myography equipment (DMT). The wire myograph allows in vitro examination of small blood vessels (internal diameter 60μm-10mm) in terms of morphology and responsiveness to hormones and other agonists. It has a range of applications in several diseases including hypertension, atherosclerosis, diabetes, ageing, ischemic heart disease & heart failure, tumors & angiogenesis, gastrointestinal & urogenital disease, pregnancy, preeclampsia, exercise physiology and muscular degenerative diseases Organ Bath Systems 720MO. The 4-channel Tissue Bath System is a highly sophisticated, robust, easy-to-use research instrument for the in vitro study of larger blood vessels (>500 μm) and other tubular tissues mounted as ring preparations of up to 10 mm in diameter, such as trachea or gut.

2.Protein engineering facilities:

3.Expression studies:

Luminex FLEXmap 3D. This is a multiplexing system able to measure upto 500 analytes from one sample with improved sensitivity. Especially useful for measuring levels of gut peptides, adipokines, myokines, cytokines etc. in the serum, urine and plasma.

Two Next Generation sequencing platforms:

a.Ion Torrent – small RNA sequencing – microRNA
b.Ion Proton – whole transcriptome analysis.

Transcriptome sequencing, or RNA-Seq or RNA sequencing, provides the method of analyzing the transcriptional content of cells. Several deep-sequencing technologies are available to facilitate this. We have opted for the Ion Torrent and Ion Proton from Life Technologies that use the semi-conductor sequencing technologies. This allows the comprehensive study of transcription in cells, investigating the role of a variety of RNA species including short RNAs, polyadenylated RNA, and non-adenylated transcripts.

QIACube. A robotic workstation for automated purification of DNA, RNA, or proteins using QIAGEN spin-column kits.

4. Cell biology and stem cells

Class II hood/ CO2 inculbator. For cell and tissue culture. Both transient and primary cultures are currently carried out.

5. Physiological studies

Bio-impedance body composition analyser (Tanita). For the assessment of body fat and lean mass.