Life Sciences Research Division ( under Construction )

Current Grants

Vidya Mohamed-Ali
PhD Studentships Aspetar/ADL Qatar, Doha, Qatar

  • Mohamed-Ali V (Principal Supervisor) 2 students
    approx £300,000

Dunhill Medical Trust Serendipity Award

  • Budhram-Mahadeo V, Baterham RL & Mohamed-Ali V.
    Investigating a novel regulator which controls glucose
    uptake and weight gain and its link to type II diabetes in Caucasians.

Funded Grant with HMC

  • Mohamed-Ali V ( Principal Supervisor ) with The LPI : Professor Abdul Badi AbuSamra from HMC
    Molecular Basis of Skeletal Muscle Resistance to Insulin in the Offspring
    of Type 2 Diabetic Qatari Parents.
    NPRP No.:7 – 461 – 3 – 117

Sayed Goda
Qatar National Research Fund: NPRP Grants

  • Protein Engineering of Glucarpidase to Improve Cancer Therapy Strategies: New synthesis of novel bioactive class of natural products.
  • Mast cell proteases as key clinical markers in allergic disease.

Nelson Orie

  • United Therapeutic Corporation grant.
    “Role of non IP receptor-dependent mechanisms in prostacyclin analogue responses” 2010

Mohamed ElRayess

  • Qatar National Research Fund: NPRP Grant
    NPRP 6 – 235 – 1 – 048
    The role of preadipocyte differentiation in site-specific adipocyte
    dysfunction and development of obesity-induced insulin resistance.
  • NPRP 7 – 272 – 1 – 041
    Super athletes: Genes and Sweat

Dr. Costas Georgakopoulos

  • Qatar National Research Fund: NPRP Grants
    Gas and liquid chromatographic high resolution full scan mass
    spectrometry screening of sports doping substances combined with
    high sensitivity confirmatory methodology in the human urine.
  • Antidoping Screening Analysis in Animal Sports by Quantitative
    Structure Retention Relationships and Mass Spectrometry Libraries.