Toxicology & Multipurpose Labs

The perfect partners for responsible progress

With core expertise in mass spectrometry and cell toxicology, the Toxicology and Multipurpose (TMP) Labs offer analytical solutions to both government and private sectors to address health and environmental concerns in Qatar and the region. These state-of-the-art labs are fully equipped to provide contract research and analytical services for a number of key analyses, which include clinical toxicology and diagnostics, molecular and cellular toxicology, environmental health and food safety, as well as, industrial hygiene and workplace safety.

At TMP-ADLQ, we provide services that are outside the doping analysis scope, covering a number of topics considered critical for tackling public health issues and supporting the nation’s growth. Our high-end instrumentation facilitates a number of applications and services to address the needs of the public and relevant industries. In fact, many of our testing protocols were once critical problems in need of solutions.

We conduct all analyses to match the highest standards of laboratory practice under the ISO/IEC17025 accreditation, using fully validated and established protocols with the inclusion of quality control samples in every batch of analysis. With our core competencies dedicated to trace analysis and scholarly molecular toxicology research, TMP-ADLQ will continue to expand its function to provide analytical solutions for government authorities and relevant industries.